Sunday night comfort food

How is it Sunday night already? As I type I’m watching my girls roll around together on the sitting room rug while their dad watches the Brownlee brothers and friends do their thing on TV. We’re all relaxing a bit after a day at Vitam Park – an indoor/outdoor extravaganza of swimming pools and water slides – where Ruby had her first ever dip in the pool and Annabel didn’t stop swimming, running and sliding for over 5 hours. Fun was had by all – apart from lunch, which was a dismal affair of soggy toasted sandwiches and soggier fries. So I feel the need for some Sunday night comfort food to make up for it, and thought I’d share my favourite ever chicken pie recipe from Good Housekeeping (absolutely love their recipes). Here it is, in case your Sunday night is as in need of something decadent as mine is…Read More »